1. Earth Crisis "The Discipline"
    Earth Crisis

  2. Gamma Pulse "Dead But Dreaming"
    Gamma Pulse

  3. Overcast "Only Death Is Smiling"

  4. Affiance "Blackout"

  5. The Paramedic "Diary Of My Demons"
    The Paramedic

  6. I, Omega "Transients"
    I, Omega

  7. Save The Clock Tower "Wasteland"
    Save The Clock Tower

  8. The Smoking Hearts "Victory!"
    The Smoking Hearts

  9. Death Ray Vision: We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'

  10. Serianna: Define Me

  11. Death Ray Vision: Get Lost Or Get Dead
    Death Ray Vision

  12. Nightshade: An Endless Vision

  13. Throw The Fight: The Vault
    Throw The Fight

  14. Affiance: The Campaign

  15. Affiance: The Final Countdown

  16. Serianna: Deadweight

  17. The Paramedic: Smoke & Mirrors
    The Paramedic

  18. Deception Of A Ghost: Life Right Now
    Deception Of A Ghost

  19. Throw The Fight: What Doesn't Kill Us
    Throw The Fight

  20. Affiance: You Will Be Replaced

  21. I, Omega: The Ravenous
    I, Omega

  22. Serianna: Lose Yourself

  23. Dead Icons: Condemned
    Dead Icons

  24. Serianna: Inheritors

  25. Kid Liberty: Give Up Give In
    Kid Liberty

  26. Nightshade: Lost In Motion

  27. Deception Of A Ghost: Firework
    Deception Of A Ghost

  28. Most Precious Blood: Do Not Resuscitate
    Most Precious Blood

  29. Affiance: No Secret Revealed

  30. First Blood: Silence Is Betrayal
    First Blood

  31. Memphis Mayfire: Between The Lies
    Memphis Mayfire

  32. Victory In Numbers: Killing. Mourning. Love.
    Victory In Numbers

  33. The Great American Beast: Domestic Blood
    The Great American Beast

  34. Deception Of A Ghost: Speak Up You're Not Alone
    Deception Of A Ghost

  35. Kid Liberty: Fight With Your Fists
    Kid Liberty

  36. The Great American Beast: The Modern Gentleman
    The Great American Beast


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Label home of Affiance, Dead Icons, Death Ray Vision, Deception Of A Ghost, I, Omega, Serianna, The Paramedic, The Smoking Hearts, Throw The Fight & more.

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