The Great American Beast: The Modern Gentleman

by The Great American Beast

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released June 22, 2010



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Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Bank, Saloon, Brothel

It's raining nails
It's too late to trail
Town's already dead
Street's running red

I've taken a torch to the bank
I've flooded the saloon with kerosene
That monster's locked up in the jail
Flood the saloon with kerosene

Good day
What a lovely show
Can I get the seats
Down in the front row
Breakin' my back
Out in this heat
Magick revolver be good to me

With a song
We all bleed out
When we spoke
We woke
Where nothing's free
And all we are we dread
Still rise above
We come to life

Take no caution
With every action
They're swingin' high
Bring me all your dead
I am the only one
It's 2am inside my heart
Bar's open

We bring the harvest of the blood red moon
Oh, red... now the sky is open, too
I condemn our dead to your front porch
Pray well

My, oh my
Mage, whom have you summoned?
I hear the earth splitting
I feel the ground rumbling
Your robes are neat
And I know that you were born
With resistance to Hell
But, here they come!
Track Name: Lord Of The Dance

Why is his skin green while mine is blue?
Oh, that's just because of the elephant in the room
Cease to your jawline
Don't howl at the sewing
You're a grown-up monster
Now, go do something with it

Frankie's gone all existential
Pull up your bootstraps
You hulk of a man

Why do I feel like I used to be a dead man?
To be totally truthful
Well, I guess I am
Doc took my brain and put sparks in my bones
Now this monstrosity is searching for a soul

I can't walk these winding roads
Reaching out to anyone


What did I do wrong?

I've got just a few lines
To tell ya'll somethin'
And I'm gonna say it now...
Fuck you

I've got a death curse!

We put the blood all over his hands
And now we're gonna pay for it

Yes you will!