The Great American Beast: Domestic Blood

by The Great American Beast



released September 7, 2010

Recorded at Random Awesome Studio December, 2010.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Josh Schroeder.
All songs written by The Great American Beast
© & ℗ 2010 Bullet Tooth



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Outtatwee

Like it or not
Goddamn it I'm hot now
Hell is a werewolf
Oh, I fear you're
Out of a job
Vacate the throne room
I'll take the floor
King of doom
End of the world
Down on your knees
Baby, get down
End of the world
Down on your knees
Baby, get down
On both
Knees and bow to me
On both
Knees and bow to me

You're just a brat
Throwing a fit
When I come back
Boy, you're gonna get it

Oh, I'm afraid
Don't make me cry
Living in Hell
You get used to the fire

So much for family fun night
Now son, you know your daddy cares
Just don't listen
To a thing your conscience says

Father, you're some trickster
I love those pranks that you pull
But you you've fooled yourself
You see
If you think that shit will work on me
I'm just too much
Look at the lovely ladies lining up
Howling at me like I'm Presley
Come on, girls now

Love me tender
War is waiting
Peace is over
If you want it

You're just a bastard
I brought you in
When I come back
I'll have your head
You're just a monster
I am a god
Don't fool yourself
Soon you'll be gone
Track Name: Drunk Driving

Tip of the cap
Strike the match
Burn this desert leaf down to ash
And let the smoke mix with the sand

I am the bird made of death
And my bones are dry like my breath

I bleed tobacco

I've no blood left

My eyes have long been raw
But I can still put six shots through ya

Single child
You've not a clue
You speak a forked tongue
I tell the truth

Death in the valley
No one to lose
You'll be the lone man
Left on the noose

You tell a good joke
You make me laugh
Now, stop pretending you'll bring me death

I am the Fleshbird
My beak of red
Will gouge the soul out of any man

I'll spread my wings
And hide you from the sun

You know nothing of who I am

Ten paces from center
Ghost light gunfight
Damn the sinner

No flesh left, you goddamn outlaw
No more cowboys will you kill off
Track Name: Ultra Sunday Night Fuck-A-Thon

Blood for blood and by the gallon
When that hammer falls
They'll paint the woods
A thousand shades of crimson
And those dressed to kill
Will open up
Condemn the dogs to silver
And line my pockets with gold
Oh, I shot the sheriff
And his deputy's gone cold

Blood for blood and by the gallon
I'll make it spill from every throat
Blood for blood and by the gallon
I'll watch it flood over the world
Blood for blood and by the gallon
I'll have it pouring from the sky
Blood for blood and by the gallon
I'll see it drown them out

My swing will know the name
Of every creature in these woods
Vengeance will know no ages
When I bring down murder on these wolves
Flesh left in shambles
Crying out
“No mercy will be won!”

Boys in the den will die
Those in the womb wish for death

Out go the lights
Bedtime for all
Blood on the floor of the nursery
Where daemons tear the rotting flesh from bone
I shall purge this filth
With no help but my own
No longer will I let this curse live on
Blood for blood and by the gallon
Listen to them howl and moan
Sleep tight little ones
The den is a cemetary
Revenge tastes so sweet

Pendulum cut
Scrape clean the bone
I swear to you
You will be thrown
Under the carriage
Left to burn
Track Name: Pre Bank Hopes, Post Bank Blues

Bastard brother, oh
Bring me to where you stand
This enchanted forest
Yeah, it hurts my head

Follow me sister
To the kingdom of the dead
Such sights to see, oh yeah
These horrors stop your breath
Oh, don't believe me?
Well, let eyes rest upon this
Remember Father?
No joking of his horrid mess

Size of a mountain
Face of a bear
Razor-sharp claws on each
Of his one hundred hands
Obedient under the spell
Enjoy your time here in Hell

We face a greater problem
Than who to obey
He lurks amongst the darkness
With a hammer in his hand

Come out
Come out and show your face

I am
The Lumberjacks
I'll carry your coffin on my back
You are
The tree I will cut down
You ain't going nowhere now
Track Name: Saskatchewatch

Oh, no!
Here he comes
Through the front door of the apartment
The walls crumble
The tables turn
The picture of his right eye hung upon the wall
Oh, no!
He's gonna get em'
Oh, no!
With fabrication

We have shotguns and dynamite
We're ecstatic to wave goodbye
And let the fuse run down to die

He's dressed in drag
Because we all cast riddikulus
He's dressed in drag
And he looks so rad

Don't go near
His hidden lair
He's always near
With his broken-down old soul
He knows that if it's gold
Then he can mold
The next hope into the shape of
Dollar signs and bank accounts

So bring the matches and we'll burn the temple down
We'll let the gas can hit the floor and watch it spill out
Scream baby, burn as the monster shouts
And laugh as our coins rain down

Death will appear in the form of signing out
You'll be left with a few notes in the trash can
And a wish to drown

What is that god-awful old-fashioned music you wrote down?
What is that god-awful picture you paint of yourself?

Get sexy, kids!

Mad cowbell
A Lugosi
World is on
Firefly is my favorite
Song of the
Southwest airlines
On which I hang my clothes on out to dry
Track Name: Old New

We bite
We live
We spawn
From him
We kill just as a pastime
We never run out
Run out of new life

I'll see to it
That he loses
That tool he has
To make new ones

You're all a bunch of kids to me
Small toys for practicing
I slew more here today
Than breaths I'll ever take

Oh, yeah
I need a drink
And so does the ground
And so do the trees

If you wish to live
Show me to him
If you wish to go the way of leaves
Take aim at me

We show
Our fangs we mean
It's fucking way

Track Name: 9 x Tom Selleck

There on the hill
One for you and
One for me to steal
Quick now before they
Look this way
It's so much easier
If they don't fight

You're tellin' me

Now, count of three
You take the pretty one
I'll take the other
It won't be a bad date

Stop where you are
I am Thor
God of Thunder
You will obey
Out of his body
Leave that soul alone

Enjoy the trip
Have a nice fall
Here from this cliff
Goodbye to both of ya'll
I hope the ground swallows you whole
And I hope the ground swallows your souls
Your disappearing act
Will be a fine event
And I'll give the ovation
I'll be the one standing
Oh, what a sight to see
That body motionless
No life has escaped
No breath of air
Or ease of pain
Ceasing to be
Entering the nothingness
Of spaces in between
The spaces left
Void of a face
Void of a name
Void of anything

Why, Jill?
That pail of water
Had a ring inside

I'm not dead yet
I'll heal these wounds
I'll find you, Jill
I'll wait for you
Track Name: I Wanna Rock Your Body

I will have your bones for breakfast

For this you will pay
You put Father in the grave
And made feast of his brain
Now you come to me?

I won't let you get away
Oh, you ain't goin' nowhere
You're good as dead
I'd say
You won't fight another day
You'll stay forever trapped in
One of these cursed trees

Why do you call me by the name?
A fallen god
And your father died of fever
Girl, tell me who you are

Boy, you left more than I thought
Back on that cliff

I'll carve that fucking face off
And wear it on my skin

Catch and kill me, baby
If you make it past my friends

We are The Wolves of Redwood
We hold these trails damned
You bring your worst destruction
We'll bring you death and Hell

One million daemons later
My blade slides from another skull
You speak in riddles, baby
But I've no time for this game anymore
I've got you where I want you
Backed up against a wall
“Hell in the Flesh” your title?
I'll send you down below!

Those tears, they
They don't wash away
The scars from the war that we fought
Never will I let this fade
How about something new for my love?
Hell is here
Track Name: There's No Crying In Baseball

Smile for the ax
That's what I said
This blade means that I've had it
Well, I've got these magick hands
To sew me back together again
With pine needles and spider's silk
I'll stitch my broken bones
Right back where they were
Before my lover threw me to the floor

I need some rum
To numb the pain that's gonna come
Whiskey and gin
To dry up that thirst for blood

Welcome back!
You should've made sure I was dead
When you pushed me off of that cliff
Burn down in Hell
I bet she said
She never thought I'd live to tell
The tale of her deed
Girl, I feel fine as art
Save for this broken heart
Oh, you hurt me good
And I'm gonna get you bad
You hurt me good
They made and edge of this half
And it's sharp enough to
Split that diamond heart

Here in the brush
I'm gonna wait
For that girl of mine
To come show her face
I'll give her one last dance
And then a little peck
Before I cut that bitch in half
Track Name: Majestic Bitch

Glorious Dead
Wake up again
Return to life
Fight to win

Inglorious Dead
Pull on your heads
Venom and poison
Into their veins

Hey, Balder
Yeah, I think that it's
The moment you've been waiting for

Frost giants on the right side
That world serpent coils free
Spread out one hundred leagues
North, south, west and east

Flank the right
Slings and arrows to the center
Valkyries take flight
Mount up
On your steeds
Fear not death
But the loss of victory
Steadfast now
Don't lost the hold

Out on the planes we see

I am Thor
God of Thunder

Rain down
Death and destruction