Save The Clock Tower "Wasteland"

by Save The Clock Tower



released July 1, 2014

Recorded/Engineered by Dave Venter, Tim Westwood and Joel Hallam @ Fatlip Studios/Five Stone Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Will Putney @ The Machine Shop NJ
Vocal Engineering by Dave Venter and Randy LeBoeuf
Lyrics by Luke Vaessen and Tim Westwood
Guest vocals on ‘The Way We Were’ by Marcel Gadacz (Dream On Dreamer)
Guest Choir on ‘These Diseases’ by Anthem Music Academy
All Music Written by Save The Clock Tower and Tim Westwood.
Save the Clock Tower proudly endorsed by Truth Custom Drums, Ibanez Guitars, Mistake Clothing, Anchors Aweigh Apparel, and Line 6.
A&R by Josh Grabelle
Artwork and design by Travis Roberts
All songs (C) & (P) 2014 Bullet Tooth



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Swan’s Song
Go ahead, spin your webs. But no one’s gonna take the words that you feed them. Because you’re running out of places to turn, I hope you fall with the bridges that burn. We will never forget what you say, and we will never forget a face and trust me. The moment it becomes a matter of your concern, where we’ve been, where we are, you’ll be the first to know. But every time it’s the same old shit, corrupted hypocritical politics consumed by greed. We’ve been brushed aside, but its fine, we built this on our own, and we have the callouses to show. Your words are the reason that we’re filled to the collar, with the fuel that we need for this road and its finally leading to somewhere. And pretty soon, your empire will collapse. You monopolize, you criticize, you try to bring us down. But I bet you couldn’t show me one everlasting trend and now, how does it feel to gnaw at the scraps by our feet? I knew it wouldn’t be long before you came knocking at our door… Fuck off. We will never forget what you say, we will never forget a face. Trust me, your empire will collapse. As you bite your tongue, we will rise above, our legacy will go on, this is not our swan song.
Track Name: A Pale Horse
As night turned to day, wishing all this hurt would fall away, and as the rope swings a new day breaks. Carried by the breeze, that makes my limbs bend to need, a longing solace I can no longer have. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, to understand that, all your tough words and tough love was only to make me believe in myself. And I was you could know, I’m doing better than we once though. Its taken time to mend, all those wounds that never seemed to end. With shadows so deep, it’s your hope I’ll keep. And I like to think that you got that letter I left in your hand, that I’m no longer scared to walk these walls alone. With a single beam of light you disappeared into the night, leaving me all alone to watch myself turn to stone. And now you’re gone. I still feel your last breath, it fills my lungs.
Track Name: Wasteland
Stranded in the tempest searching for shore. Here in this fucking wasteland aching for more. These bodies feel tired, these streets feel bleak underneath these broken feet. Hoping for light to guide us home, when everything else seems dark. But how is this home when it’s so damn cold, when everything is the same? Fuck routine gets old. This gets old. We’re torn between what we’ve got and what we dream, the clock is ticking and we’re nearly out of time. Because these hearts they aren’t as strong as they once were, when they were young. We’ll never leave behind everything that made us who we are, the people, the places, that shaped our lives. But now it’s time to push on. Breathing the same air that’s now turned stale, with remorse and regret our dreams grow pale. This wasteland takes its toll. We’re torn between what we’ve got and what we dream. The clock is ticking and we’re nearly out of time. We discovered to guide us home when everything else seemed dark. But this is my home no matter how cold it gets, it will hold my soul.
Track Name: At the Bottom of a Bottle
So here I am with this bottle in my hand again, another night gone by. And that’s all that it was, and I’ve already lost. Waking up with these flashes in my head again, I can’t string them together. All in attempt to forget her. With reckless abandon I try to forget the pieces of you left smouldering in my chest. Another drink down, another note rolled, the flame that was once burning in my chest will be reduced to ash. I’m so sick of this path, waking up in a stranger’s bed, wondering who the fuck they are and why the fuck I’m here. It has to come to a point where I can’t stand to look at myself. Just like the people for who I truly care… maybe I’m already there. It’s time to grow from these mistakes and bloom from every heartache. I’ve found a way to happiness and it all begins in myself. When the bottles down and your drowning in that selfishness, just remember girl, this is all that you know, I’m done staggering down that road. I’d rather be alone.
Track Name: Isolate; Recreate
We sing our hearts out and all for what? To be the greater power? I beckon, I beg, and all for what? I define solitude with my own skin, with my own bones. And fuck it gets hard to sing when my words contort and twist in my own throat. So here we go. Isolate; Recreate. I peel away my exterior, there’s nothing left but an empty ribcage. Come and see what I’ve created. A silhouette of a man corrected. Look at me now. I’ve always wanted to be just like you, so I dissect and peel away me like you wanted me to. When you hear these words will wonder if they’re about you? No I bet you don’t. I define solitude with my own skin, with my own bones. And fuck it’s hard to scream when my words, they’re designed for you.
Track Name: To The Dreamer
I was waiting at the top to show you what this truly means. To have nothing left to lose and anything left to dream. When our hearts are filled with nothing, this is only an episode. Don’t wait for the rest of your life to reach the sky. Nothing comes cheap in this beautiful world, this beautiful lonely world. Hands over flawless skin, our intertwining limbs. Where will we lay our hands at night? We stopped searching for monsters when we realised they were inside of us. We stopped searching for all of this when we realised it was no good. We find in time there is no one else to blame, we are the ones holding ourselves back. But there’s still hope, we all just want to be saved from ourselves. Don’t turn away, we all need to begin.
Track Name: Sanctuary
Do you really believe that this place is a sanctuary? That the authorities offer refuge for people like me? It’s people like that, armed with a firearm and a badge, a killer behind a hero’s mask. Don’t you see that they’re surrounding us and herding us like sheep? Is this where you really want to be, caged in a prison with the rest of humanity? Follow me we’ll build a path, we’ll walk the streets, we have our hearts. The old and the weak, the young and the brave, the rich and the poor. We will not rest until we settle the score. We need a paradise and that’s exactly what this was. But now that the vultures, they circle overhead. I’ve never been so scared. Trapped in reality, but tonight while I’m asleep I’ll be dreaming, my sanctuary. We’re not the only ones that know the truth, this is all because of you. Don’t you think it’s funny that an absence of moral is recommended, that a sociopath can wear a suit a be respected. Now I want this to be remembered, money is their main objective. Some of you refuse to realise the truth, so I’m here to tell you that we need a paradise. And that’s exactly what this was. But now that the snakes constrict our necks, and I’ll never catch my breath.
Track Name: The Beautiful Lie
For every word that has been said, I fucking revoke. Those beautiful lies, those darkened eyes, I’m leaving you behind. Take my eyes, replace them with glass. Now better suited to be fucking hollow. Selfishness is that there is left. This casket will leave me with less of your entanglements. To love at all is to be vulnerable, and your heart will be wrung and definitely broken. This can’t be the end, but a sleepless night for the hopeless romantic. Where did we begin? On the darkest nights propping up the bar. In this selfishness your heart will change, it will not be broken. It will become unbreakable and no one will want you at all. I wish I could find the fucking words that became lost at the back of my throat. To say that I miss you is an understatement, and I can’t stand you for it. To love at all is to be vulnerable and your heart will be open. To love at all is to be comfortable and your heart will be broken.
Track Name: The Way We Were
Drifting from my surroundings, this path feels too travelled. It was eating me alive, now I’m content with searching for a sign. But can you tell me why we fail by, we fail by design. And why my bones are aching all the time. And now it seems that something’s changing and this is bigger than we know. We’ll divide as our worlds around us fall. Now I know that I’ll take my place and make this home. But it’s hard to feel home when home doesn’t know you at all. Beneath our skin we’re still alone. In the end with all this hope, it will bring us to our knees. And tear us from our homes, but remember the way we were and what it felt like to love. Beneath my bones I’m so alone. Now I’m just another endless cycle and repetition is all I know. I’ll make my actions to society. Because this world can swallow you whole when you’re a scared kid, born to die alone.
Track Name: These Diseases
Disgrace that’s laced with the weight of all these bodies. Misplaced with haste, this empty face beside me. But if we’ve lost our hope and it’s too dark to see, hope will always find me. If we could find a way to leave this all behind us. Every past mistake will haunt us here. Wishing these disasters would find an end, even if it’s all we have left. This is all we have left. A new disease for those who are brave enough to believe. If we are left alone the pages will stay blank. The emptiness will become all we know. This will be all we know. A hardened face that spills the tales of harder years, I can’t believe that this is all there is. I know there’s more, hands full of the cracks that match the pavement. We’ll waste away with our hearts full of hope. Light, it fades away with nothing left to say. Hope will find its way.
Track Name: Hope, Sweet Home
So tightly held around my neck, I’m drifting. Your touch still follows me, it brings me to my knees and I’m so sick and tired. I’ve begun to stir in my sleep. Just lay still and let the morning creep. As dawn breaks I’m greeted by the cold sweat shakes. Take my hand and take me with you to another place, let’s make some mistakes. It was never ever my intention to let us die, so hear me as I face these sleepless nights. I haven’t got a lot to say because I know you’ll be there either way. That’s just the way we are, so stay close. This distance is driving me crazy, I need you here. I long to feel you touch my lips, it sends a rush to my fingertips. Cause when you’re away, my bones they ache. Yeah when you’re away, its only you I crave. Now comes a time when the person I want to be and the person I am collide, propelling the demons inside. It was never ever my intention to let us die, hear me as I face these sleepless nights. I bet you thought I forgot about them nights with the gutter my chemical friend. But it ain’t over ‘till these bones are picked clean.
Track Name: Oblivion
I’ve been wandering towards the open skyline. I long to wash away the fiction we’re told, the fiction I know. So walk with me into oblivion. We were broken by the weight of all this. To believe in nothing but our own. So welcome to our downfall. The possibilities of existence beyond our own are endless. A million years of truth laid before our eyes. The soul of man was made to walk the skies in search of truth. Maybe the brilliance of the brilliant can only be understood by those who truly seek. You people wander towards the open skyline but what do you expect to see through your closed eyes? This disclosure will come all too soon. So walk with me into oblivion. Towards the edge of an axis we drift. Exploring endlessness, your truth refracts with analysis. I awake to a world of dreamers, a surrounding swarm of faceless creatures. Travel your circles, live your lies. Am I alone down here?