Nightshade: Lost In Motion

by Nightshade



released April 26, 2011

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom, Henrik Udd and Andy Hayball.
Recorded at the Fredman Studio (Sweden).
All songs written by Bastien Deleule and Fabien Letren and recorded by NightShade.
All lyrics by Bastien Deleule and Wayne Hudspath.
Artwork by Pär Olofsson. Artwork concept by Bastien Deleule and Fabien Letren.
Design and Layout by Travis Roberts.
Band photo by Kohl Murdock and Lady Avril Von Cheshire.
A&R by Josh Grabelle.
All songs © & ℗ Bullet Tooth 2011

Thanks : Bullet Tooth and Josh Grabelle (Thanks so much, glad to be part of the family!), Pär Olofsson for the amazing design, our family and friends, Kristen Hudspath (for the faith she has instilled), Bertand Deleule, Rapha√´le Artero, Fabien Letren, MichMich, Fran√ßois Joncourt, Fredrik Nordstrom, Henrik Udd, Andy Hayball, Rockstar Energy Drink, Halo Guitars, CardBoard Robot, In Tune Guitar Picks, Terry L. Baumgardner, Hester Prynne, Quintessence Of Versatility, Grind Esign and anyone we forgot but you know we love you!



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Rebellion
What you want?
What you need?
You wanna be better
But there's poison in your veins
You’re not reliable
You’re weak
And in your mind looking for another way
Your words are bullshit
The words promised don’t exist
Your only wish is our failure
We only can count on ourselves
Having trust in nobody
You venerate me
I’m your god
I’m your shield
So implore me
Get on your knees
I’m free to decide
Unleash the rage
Crying my rebellion
Unleash the rage
Taken with me
In my dreams
My thoughts are burned alive
I breathe alone
Sanctified inside my head
Forever to die alone
Leave your heart yearning inside your chest
Feelings will subside alive
When the source is lost in time
We'll see to the end of our kind
Burning in sin
Our flames sanctify within
The sweat drips off my face
A blistering illness
A scar on our hearts
While the unworthy rest
I’m free to decide
And don’t want to be like you all
I live for my dream
And it lives for me too
He’s my faith and leads my steps
You don’t deserve my attention
And will never deserve it
I’m alone in this war
I’m alone front of you
But I’m not scared
You’re nothing to me
Track Name: Winner (Or Not)
Look at them, leaving
And cry your soul out
Promises don’t make sense to you
Your words don’t mean a thing
Always, it’s all for you
You’d like it better to watch them die
As you are walking out the door
These words will slip to the back of your mind
Get on your knees like you always will
And join the army of the unfulfilled
Leave your heart pounding in your chest
As the rest will grow
This intricate plan in my head
Will see to your failure in the end
You won’t have a second chance
Just your tears
Not even one
No one’s around you anymore
No hand, no chance to help
You’re from now on all alone
In front of your remorses
Rotting in our asphalt burial
Smothering the precious flame
The weak have blinded our wisdom
Instilled the portrait's promise
Conforming words consume our feeble minds alike
Fueling the giant atrocity mutually
Feel it moving your life is coming to an end
Track Name: Lose Your Friends
As his hands lay on my shoulder

It inspires my confidence

Sharing the same passion, the same wishes

One common goal

One dream

But his eyes are false

His words sound so fucking faint

Show me your hands
Wipe out your soar lies

And ask yourself

There is no forgiving

The faults are present

And the future in front of my eyes

From me you will receive nothing

You're diluting yourself

Here comes your reward

Don't regret it

You have deserved it all
I will walk without you

As I perceive the light

You are slowly disappearing in a shade
Your shadow is fading out the door
Track Name: The Depths Of Memory
Locked out in a far away past
Confined in my pure memories
Pulled out by the need of restart
Again again
The face of a disappeared period is behind me
It never stops looking at me
Fighting for our feeble minds
My eyes are getting pierced by memories
Where are these sweet memories
Into the depths of our minds
Our thoughts race at speeds unparalleled
It speaks words so untrue cut into our thoughts
This memory must die
This single thought remains
Into the depths of memory
Always turn back and regret
To refuse, I close my eyes
And never want to go on that path
Can you see it glow in the night
I cry to my soul
Make it all end
Can you see my suffering
My blood runs cold
All I know is my fate
Until the end this soul is blank
Taking my heart to the end
On our night make it all
Through the fire I walk by day
My flesh is melting, mental decay
I try to reason myself
Truth is our lost memory
Track Name: A Dream. A Choice. A War.
My heart palpitates
My hands tremble
Everything seems unsettled to me
Fear is coming
What am I supposed to do?
Some say that destiny is inscribed in advance
But I'll decide on mine despite the doubt
Life is an everyday battle
I won't drop anything
I have to crush ones that wanna break me down
Pick up those who support me
Your hands in ours
Braving prejudice
Our body is humble, our soul is pure
They want to see us drown
We will succeed by our hand
We must carry on
We always will be there to live our dreams
Even if it has to be against the grain
Track Name: Final Crop
I can paint the sky
I can reach for the stars
I can feel them under my fingers
My feet don't touch the ground
I am flying, living in my dream
It was meant to be
It was meant to me
I won't go alone
The road to my fortune is now open to me
If you wish to come to cancel all the pain
If you believe in it as much as I do
Then the road will be marvellous
Let the weak burn down
Let them rot on the ground
Because we mean nothing to them
With this soul of gold
I can finish our goals
Feel the light of the sun on our skin
The energy of the gods
Ourselves within
Was the key to success
From the start
I pray for nothing
I live for these dreams
A collection of stars in our heads
Ideas forged from throught alone
Make some fucking noise
Track Name: If You Don't Have A Pawn In Your Game, You're Guaranteed To Fail
Dice are tossed
The party can finally begin
There’s no place for failures; betrayers
The challenge is too important
We are fitted with a weapon
We have to fight to stay alive
Mutual aid and motivation
Cowardice and abandon
Pawns will be scarred
To achieve our goal
Life’s too short to be neglected
Each second, each minute must be sacred
Fear must not exist
You’ve signed a contract
And it’s up to you to stick to it
You thought you were strong enough
To encase all the shocks
You can't achieve sight
Against us we'll be the same
We are immortals
Ready to fight for our valor
The same blood runs within our veins
And this melody resonates in our heads
Despite the people that surround us
Despite the daily battles
We fight for glory
The decline does not relay
The game’s over to you
Nobody around to pick you up
Destined to wander in doubt and fear
A king without a pawn
You're dead
An old desire of mine
A blank expression within
To your hearts desire
Your game is coming to an end
The lines align
Your life is in place
Check mate my friend
Your game is coming to an end
Rest for now
But your future shall bleed
Your voice speaks your mind
And you have nothing to say
As all life ends
Our greetings shall part
Our farewells are true
I still hate you
Your soul's interlude
You can’t speak to me with
Mere words
As our brain connects with electricity
You cannot connect with intricacy
A king without a pawn
Check mate my friend
Breathe until the end
You say it’s just enough
Although you know it’s not
Check mate my friend
Track Name: You Can't See Through My Eyes
My quest has come to an end
This long awaited goal is finally at lay
With a heavy heart I make the choice of my life
What I always dreamed about is you
I know she will be fine
I know she will forgive me
It will be hard, it will be long
But the better one will step out
Our lives will be marvelous
And the memories will be encased
My eyes are begging me to stay
My heart is asking me to let her go
Because life wasn't made for every dream
And some require sacrifice
My love for her is unprecedented
Her body and mine make one
But we will be together
I wouldn't say "I love you" enough times
Not even wipe her tears
I leave I run away
Leaving behind everything I’ve wished for
For the longest time you were my every line
Regardless if this ends in tears
You need to understand me
Keep your head up high
My heart still only beats for you
Just know that now I’m a new man
Track Name: FoxHound
They want to slow you down
 to stop you
Feel the ashes resonate

So pull yourself together

Don't be afraid

To fight for honor

Even if you may be hurt, if you fall down

Never stop, stand up

Your choice will be
Never stop everything

Your will is stronger than their insults
Force them to kneel down

And make them repent

Show them how they don't deserve attention

By heading on, you kill them off

Break what you have achieved

Don't ever listen to them
They will lead you off your path
Grasping your goal purify your soul
Ignorance will take its toll
Don’t listen to them
Because they will be ready to profit
Don’t listen to them

Fuck'em all.