Kid Liberty: Fight With Your Fists

by Kid Liberty

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Pierce Da'esigil Kid Liberty is the most hardcore easycore band ever. Which is awesome.

Ever wanted to hear an epic pop punk ballad with a screamed breakdown? Now's your chance! Favorite track: That's What She Said.


released August 10, 2010

Produced by Geoff Rockwell
Recorded At SKYlab – Fort Worth, TX
“This Is A Stickup!” Recorded at Split Window Studio – Sherman, TX
Engineered by Geoff Rockwell and Tim Edmondson
Pro Tools Editing and additional Engineering by Darin Watson & Tanner Robinson
Mixed by Geoff Rockwell
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound – Dallas, TX

Drums on “Coolguy Deluxe” and “This Is A Stickup!” by Larry Hibbetts
Guitar on “Coolguy Deluxe” and “This Is A Stickup!” by Nick Shaw
Guest Vocals on “Keep On Pushin’” by Matt Lanners
Guest Vocals on “That’s What She Said” by Matt Mullins

A&R by Josh Grabelle
Artwork, Layout & Design by Travis Roberts
Band Photography by Mark Weiss
Management by Crimson Management
All Songs Copywrite 2010 Bullet Tooth



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: The Winds Of War

This town cannot take us...
This town cannot take us alive!
Track Name: I'm Right Here

It seems as we get older, everyone is getting over the five of us and our dreams. Well, fuck you. To me your not even worth the time that it takes to hear this bullshit. Just bite your tongue! Cause dreams do come true.. and were living proof!!

Go on and live your live, and I'll live mine the same.. with or without your worthless opinions. If you didn't believe in us.. we didn't need you from the start.

So clock in, clock out! You'll be punching a time card, and us, we'll be seeing the world. They told me, told me... that I should give up the pipe dream and get with reality. But I chose this life long before you ever knew my name. And look where it got me. Yeah look where it got me!

Chorus 3x
Track Name: Keep On Pushin'

Five years ago I'm sitting at home, writing songs and wishing I was on the road. Let's fast forward. Were ready to go. Everybody's waiting on me. Let's get the hell outta here!

Another night in a Walmart parking lot. The five of us and our good friends from California. Its kinda funny how these stupid conversations make the most unforgettable memories.

We've been dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight. We've been dancing with the devil in the moonlight. We're not coming home tonight.

We live like animals. Stuck in this van like prisoners. We don't eat and we sure don't sleep, but damn... we're living the good life.

Oh shit! The cops have got us again. This is the second time tonight. Couldn't anyone have told that we shouldn't be drinking with dirty bitches at midnight?


And so the story goes.. we're living a dream that most will never know. And I couldn't imagine a better life for me and my friends until the bitter fucking end!

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Telephone Toughguy

This isn't just another song I'll sing. This is a song that touches on something everybody wants to say. I think it's time we cross that line.. let's bring this to surface! Your a big, big man. Yeah, your running your mouth. Your calling me out, but when you realize I won't back down.. Somehow your story changes.

Believe me your disrespect will come back to you. And hear me when I say this isn't over! 'Cause you can't hide behind your friends forever. Think Twice this isn't over. Your crazy to think its over!

And I know your worthless. Your Nothing, and I'm wasting all my time. On nothing. Your nothing, and I swear I won't waste my time. I won't give you the glory. I won't give you the glory of anything.


So knuckle up man to man. The bullshit's getting old. I know jealousy's a bitch.. and so are you.

Your worthless. Your Nothing, and I'm wasting all my time. On nothing. Your nothing, and I swear I won't waste my time.
Track Name: Fight With Your Fists

Who are we, and what are we looking for? We've gotta do things like we mean it and sing like we believe it. We're only treading water and we're on the verge of sinking. Whoa oh.. when will we learn? Life is way too short for us to live it this way. Singing Whoa oh.. when will we learn? Everyone that I know just wants to be somebody.

Alright here's what were gonna do. We're gonna put all the bullshit drama aside, and from this day forward we're gonna do one thing.. and one thing only. Keep it fucking real!

Kill them with kindness. Fight with your fists!

Cause I'm sick of singin' whoa oh.. when will we learn? Life is way too short for us to live it this way. Singin' Whoa oh.. when will we learn? Everyone that I know just wants to be somebody.

Kill them with kindness. Fight with your fists!
Track Name: Coolguy Deluxe!

I've got some news for you. This town was never big enough for the both of us. Cause we know that we could never agree. And now I've really gotta get this off my chest, and you've gotta hear me out. I'm not the one to ever take things serious, but this is your last goodbye.

Make way for the king as you fall to your knees, but I'll die before I stand for this. I hate to be one who's always breaking the ice, but I've got to break this down for you.

And as we bring the beat back, I started stuttering. I won't waste my breath on you. Im positive you know damn well this song is about you. Your a legend in your own mind, and it's only a matter of time before the entire world finds out your a fake.

This is the first time, and maybe I could say this a little more clearly. We're just waiting, waiting for you to get over yourself.

Cause I've been thinking maybe that I might have finally found a reason I'm not giving up. I've got every single reason believe me.. I'll never let you live this down. Cause your not fooling anyone.. anyone but yourself. I know you swear, you've convinced yourself you've walked on water. I know better. I know you never will.

Your only fooling yourself! They've got you wrapped around their finger. You'll never know. They've got you wrapped around their finger. You'll never know the truth.
Track Name: The New Recipe
Track Name: The Situation

Has anybody let you know that your still holding on to everything you know? You may not see it or believe it. I think its to let you go back home and figure this out there on your own.

Cause dreams don't always appear what they seem to be. You might end up just like me, twenty three, and wanting nothing more than to pack up and leave this.. place has never meant so much to me, but I've got better things to do.. Better things than you. There's nothing left to lose.

You've got this feeling that all of your friends have deserted you again.. in hopes of finding something new. You may not see it or believe it. I think its time to let them know the truth, and how this life really wasn't for you.


And all I've got is the clothes on my back, and that wont last me very long. But all I know, I've got all the faith that I need. And that wont ever go away.


You've got this feeling that all of your friends have deserted you again.. in hopes of finding something new. You may not see it or believe it. I think its time to let them know the truth, and how this life really wasn't for you.
Track Name: I'm Not A Person Anymore... I'm A Turtle

So tell me how to get back to basics where nothing really mattered except having some fun. It was you and me, and the other three. Living like we should. living like brothers would. And if we decide to rise again tonight, will this ever feel the same?

So here we go. We're staring out our windows and wishing we we're home. And even though this is getting old, through every single measure we will find ourselves. Oh, this road is gold.

So this is what separates the men from the boys. It's such a tragedy you didn't have the heart. Oh, your fading faster, and I can't bring you back. And we came so far together for you to throw it all away. Your threw it all away. So let's forget about it. Let's put our past in a casket and make a toast to what we have.

Track Name: Twelve More Days

It take a lot of heart to live this life I'm living, and she keeps sending the love that keep it beating. I need it. I can't go without it. So baby bring it on!

So what more could I ask for? I'm out here living my dream. Everyday is another scene. She's pushing for me every day, believing in us every way she can. And When I think about it, she might be better off alone. Without a stupid boy making phone calls from the road. But it's love, and it's screaming in our faces. Another day goes by, but I can't complain. That's one more chance to say that...

She's the only reason I ever come back. Oh I've gotta keep it moving for twelve more days then we could float away, and I'd be just fine. Cause without her I can't believe in love.

Isn't it crazy? And I think it's safe to say that it's got the best of me. I know what your thinking, it's just really hard to say it. But we're driving down the highway, past another city skyline, and all I see is you. And as I smoke tonight's last cigarette, I think about my life. I have no regrets. I'm right where I want to be cause...

Chorus 2x
Track Name: That's What She Said

So I'm headed out of town for the first time in a long time, and you cry yourself to sleep at the thought of losing me. And then a phone call comes from home telling me that you can't practice what your preach. We'll never be the same again. And the first thing from your lips..

So can we still be friends? Thats what she said. Can't we still be friends? Don"t hold your breath girl, but I think I've got enough of them. It's oh so unfortunate for you that I can't waste any more time on you.

Oh the silence is beautiful! What goes around must come around, and it's safe to say that this is slapping you in the face.. now that the thrill is over.


Now listen up darling and listen closely, 'cause I want you to take this the wrong way. Let's just say everything you've ever wanted is kissing you goodbye.

Chorus 2x
Track Name: This Is A Stick Up!

This is a stickup baby!

I've seen more places in the last year than I thought I would see in my whole life, and I'm only passing by for a night. I'm not letting go. I swear I'll get you up to speed if I can somehow catch my breath along the way.

This is what dreams are made of. I've hear em say it, but I've never really seen. Were moving up, moving on to find out. To find out what it means. As we give three cheers to our hometown and everyone we love. It looks like we've made it. We've made it out alive.

This is a stickup baby, and I want your soul! I want to thank you for stressing on me exactly who you think I should be. 'Cause thats driven me to find exactly who I am. This is the place where I used to call my home. Now it's just a place I go.. just the calm before the show.


You never would have dreamed of this. We've been building an army, and your wasting away.