I, Omega "Transients"

by I, Omega



I, Omega is a progressive metal quintet from the Los Angeles area, dead set on creating a sound that is bold and unique, as well as easily digestible. Shredding guitars with fast, upbeat drumming, beefy bass lines, and vocals ranging from angelic to devilish, all with a punk rock attitude. Their sound is heavy and complex, but also leaves room for rhythmic grooves and catchy choruses. I, Omega's music conjures up emotions crossing the spectrum of the listener's scope, from menacing and technical wizardry, to tasteful and subtle harmony that's sure to sway even the harshest of listeners. I, Omega is here to make a difference and defend the right to be different.

The band tracked their debut album "Transients" in Southern California with producer Daniel Castleman, who has done recent albums for As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, Trivium, and many more. “I am grateful to be a part of the latest work “Transients,” by I, Omega. I feel that the band has challenged themselves as musicians and artists to bring something fresh to their fans and reach out to some new ones.” – Daniel Castleman.

Singer and lyricist Clay Nevels commented on the new album, "Transients just seemed like the appropriate title for an album describing the past two years of our lives. We don't have any misconceived notions about who we are nor do we think what we're doing is important in the grand scheme of the world. We're not doctors, firemen, scientists, etc.... We make music, we scrap by, we struggle for everything we have, but it's a deliberate struggle and we appreciate the opportunities this life affords us."

"We really tried to push the technical side and our abilities as musicians while still focusing on melody and memorable parts. After spending the majority of a year working on this record, I think we've come up with something unique and I'm beyond stoked on what we've created. " - Tommy Borboa (Guitar)


released July 15, 2014

Produced by I, Omega and Daniel Castleman
Engineered by Daniel Castleman
Bass written and tracked by Erik Robertson
Additional Engineering by Elmo Arteaga
Additional Vocals provided by Ron Tole
Additional Vocals on “Shuddering At Calm Seas” by Nikki Simmons
Additional Guitars on “The Rustling“ by Mark Hawkins, Eddie Haddad, and Kris Norris
Artwork and Design by Travis Roberts
A&R by Josh Grabelle
Managed by Jim Present at Maphia Management
All songs (C) & (P) 2014 Bullet Tooth



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Conflict Absolution (Act. I)
tell the devil I got a bone to pick I never said I’d sell my soul for this I already told God this race is rigged these are not the days to call in sick they make this world a bitter place darken your comedy expect the suffering if you got something better to say now’s the time before I leave this way
Track Name: An Evening With Morning Star (Act. II)
the executed have all moved on still I struggle in a shallow grave screaming at the impotent that put me here I am not whole from watching the soil spread solemn faces the earth embraces each grain represents every bit of doubt that spills out of me I’m choking on the words that can’t be released only rough skin remains where my mouth used to be it was condemned all the goddamn years ago when I still had pride call it off, call it off I have nothing to say If this body’s just a coffin I will choose when it lays We’re all just dying to plot our graves serving ourselves a bit of grace on our own terms ignoring what we’ve learned waste not what you’ve earned I pray more than the faithful repent more than atoned I’ve been deemed a skeptic by every atheist I know yet I still can’t find meaning in this world I mourn him as he won’t find worth eight eyes radiate desires of four hearts ever calling out two shoulders hold up the one burden they couldn’t help burning up burning up there’s a fire in me from a devil on my shoulder that seeks empathy protect the sinner fuck the saint not finding peace just disdain how can you say we’re meant to be this way when you’re living in an hourglass and you can’t seem to find the time to change I refuse to go quietly if I’m going to hell at least that means you’re in heaven holding her head and making excuses for a father who couldn’t when I die I hope you see them picketing my funeral screaming at the top of their lungs at least then you’ll know that they make the world a bitter place I left the world a better place to call home
Track Name: Shuddering At Calm Seas
a masochist with a healthy fear of knives blindfolded cutting tendons screams at the top of his lungs as the crew holds a sigh I may be mad, but I’m certain of the uncertainty so learn to with steer our failure and fill our sails for I am the royal we sirens soothing his fire with harmonic vows rocks calmly eviscerate this vessel as he takes no blame for himself darken my horizons waiting for your wake buried under shipwrecks loyalty will always lay if I hold my breath too long will I seal my fate this ship will meet bottom before it ports in disgrace storms up ahead cloud the eyes of our reckoning trust famished sharks’ agendas over this capsizing craft you’re piloting how can the traitorous dispute the lighthouse that’s mocking me let fog roll like the heads across the deck you’re troubling can feel me underneath you can you hear me scratching through the hull every wave pleading my love I’ll pull every fucking board up just to welcome the flood. all hands on deck she’ll treat you sweet if you’re worth your salt all hands on deck we’ve been waterlogged for far too long all hands on deck hell’s easy to find if you’re heading south all Hands on deck breathe the water in and pray to drown warm nights loving arms for rusted nails and colder dawns if this salted embrace holds true I’d trade anything to hold course through you Just meet me at the bottom
Track Name: Suffer Now And Live
you left me hanging on the ropes but I’m still swinging while the ref is begging me to choke dirty looks and bitter crowds signal the fight is fucking done. you best believe there’s a war between I and me if that hasn’t ended us better teach your fists to speak a little more thoroughly these gloves converse speaking tongues a stigmata stir syllables echo through arenas as teeth forget their roots round two eyes show through the black and blue I’ll taste fear in your sweat before you’ll witness my final breath I wrapped my wrists with her colors I held them high and proud with her hands on his leg I watched her watch me from the crowd I’m suffocating while I’m waiting for the bell to ring this breathing commences when I see through your shattered teeth I took this match from a harlot called destiny alluded an inevitable knock out didn’t specify who’d be bleeding all I have to offer is a kidney or rupture spleen cause my fate’s still double dutching with my heart strings if this bloody canvas can be the stage for our disease I’ll gasp poetry to this stampeding heartbeat tap out when you comprehend loyalty I’ll respond when I reconcile with indifference if you work on holding your breath I will concentrate on thrusting every ounce of my distaste through the back of your head
Track Name: Half Way Home
the solace I find in your distant glow disintegrates as I neglect your throes as she’s claiming my woes fully wasting youth in halfway homes gallivanting in gutters with the lowest of low if this pavement can lead I’ll trade my sight for taste and savor every ghost who can’t recognize my face the open air has never felt so cold this city’s embrace is all I’ve ever known If I fail please send my bones so my friends can see them worn from the road if left with these devices don’t ask me to find my way back bartering stones for bread crumbs these wayward crows can count on me for that how the hell did I get here why am I bitter I followed the sounds of the bludgeoning chasing dreams when reality is a thousand miles away I’ve thrown away any hope of having a soul just ask the loved ones who I wasn’t there for I used to call this life my home but houses never stand at the end of sorrow road when I die please take these bones and let them sink in the Ohio
Track Name: The Rustling
Solo order:
Mark Hawkins
Tommy Borboa
Eddie Haddad
Kris Norris
Ryan Cano
Track Name: Pyrite
all hail the queen of diamonds bow down to the king of dismay resting at the foot of disregard skin akin holds the will at bay happiness doesn’t happen when it’s sleeping in another’s bed if I’m here to bear your burdens then I am the Patron Saint of Bitterness I fought to taste your sweat breath on my neck a head on my chest count every moment at your fingertips before you let them slip focus you’re losing focus don’t you dare take the attention from us if this night will be our last savor this moment keep your eyes open through the crash if pity’s required then I’m the rebel breaking all the rules spent an entire life educating myself on how to play the fool you won’t atone for what you’ve done bedposts notched deeper every time still I lay in these threadbare sheets the scent he left which you accept you know exactly what you’ve done you failed to mention you gave up we swore to leap off of this cliff so forget to jump and settle for him you know exactly what you’ve done, you failed to mention you gave up I’ll play the fool and take the plunge best regards from rock bottom I’d rather watch you flirt with death than see you in the arms of a dead man who still doesn’t know that he’s dead yet he’s too busy living on borrowed time doesn’t see murder when it’s right in front of his eyes the doctor called in sick Dr. Love is a fucking bitch just pull the plug and we’ll pretend that you did everything you could
Track Name: Fake Somebodies: Real Nobodies
open on a man sitting on a stage captivating the audience with his grim face “This is all your fault you just ignore the facts” muttered as the trigger’s pulled and the audience laughs you’re too busy groveling at the hands that refused to feed us if vanity is all we have sit back relax this moment won’t last what’s an artist to do when the entertainment’s been compromised strapped to your seats eyes glued to a screen cognitive larceny pacifies five years I’ve laid in this trench hoping I could see you through it but this war only benefits the soldiers who surrender to gimmicks I’m too busy hemorrhaging from every orifice I could give a fuck about where you’ve been nor care when you desert us this moment wasn’t meant to last to enjoy it while you can let’s take a minute to discuss all the places we won’t go the people who won’t hear us the success we won’t know you haven’t any worth your art is pointless and that’s coming from the guy whose point hasn’t surfaced glory was made with tears sweat and blood you rescued the thirsty with piss in a jug I’ve come to terms with my obscurity I just hate to see my heroes accepting defeat
Track Name: Shaking Hands With Sinatra
it’s time to burn some bridges I just need a better flame when I strike my tongue on my teeth I can’t guarantee a controlled blaze you say I need more fuel I got a handle on some skeletons hoarded in closets intended for pyromaniac obsession if you know these words sing out loud If I hear your song of sorrow I’ll stop right now I detest the silence I loathe the empty air I’d trade everything to be enveloped in your condescending stare wrapped arms around sand torsos squeezed tighter than your resolve when the hurricane hits the shore dissipate just to say it’s not your fault board up the windows I’ll never leave this broken home I’d die before I’d give you up disregarding that you left long ago if you see me smile run like hell diabolical intentions always prevail just because I’m sober doesn’t mean you’re safer heroes are born from broken hearts villains die pretending they’re fine when they’re not if I could start a fire with a single word I’d give it paragraphs just to watch it burn if I cause a spark just behind my teeth then let’s make a toast with gasoline you’re too busy spinning plates to ever be discreet laughing at gravity and spitting on the concrete I’m too ashamed to recognize this game too proud look away as you go down in flames if your actions mean more than my words wave your arms let’s see those scars you’re out of breath cause you haven’t moved be honest with yourself it’s the most you deserve be honest with yourself It’s the least you can do
Track Name: En Longa Somnum (Act. III)
lower the lid give it a kiss anticipating moments like shooting stars if singularity is what we are why is the ending so uniform you’re awake to be fulfilled yet fall asleep half empty repeat repeal. if this long sleep is our only guarantee I will accept it gratefully I’d give up, just to make this right you’d say it’s no use let the world end tonight Let’s burn out fast so strike a match I promise to be your fire just agree to spread my ash the difference is you’re misguided enough to think I ‘ll be the one to make it through but I’ve been too busy soiling my father’s name to recognize this jaded suit. we all burn out too quickly most instants are missed we emphasize the sorrow forgetting all moments are gifts we’re not men we’re just animals that you can’t define the glazed eyes mean nothing I swear I’m fine If knowledge is a gift, faith is a curse if ignorance is bliss, we have more than deserved