Affiance: The Campaign

by Affiance



released November 13, 2012

All music Written and Performed by Affiance
All lyrics Written by Dennis Tvrdik and Brett Wondrak
Produced by Affiance, Carson Slovak and Grant Mcfarland
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered at Atrium Audio by Carson Slovak and Grant Mcfarland
* Kings Of Deceit featuring Dustin Davidson of August Burns Red (Courtesy of Solid State Records)
* Bohemian featuring Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire (Courtesy of Rise Records)
* Righteous Kill featuring Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse (Courtesy of E1 Records)
Sound clip in Kings of Deceit from Walter Cronkite's live news announcement of President Kennedy's assassination on November 22nd, 1963.
A&R by Josh Grabelle
Artwork & Design by Travis Roberts and Josh Grabelle
All songs © & ℗ 2012 Bullet Tooth



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Kings of Deceit
Life keeps moving on as if nothing happened
With questions we have failed to ask
Convince ourselves that these questions matter
but when we ask they remain unanswered

We all watch in suspense waiting for the climax
but we've been waiting too long

Our kingdom overthrown and a king, our king dethroned by the kings of deceit
Reciting our lines made up of lies
Reading the script thinking we're wise
Deep inside the roles you'll find
The plot to conquer all mankind

Power doesn't come from the barrel of a gun
a shift that defines our strength
to defy your crushing weight
Where JUSTICE seeks corruption
and FREEDOM saves the weak

I'm done reciting your lies
I won't stop until I find the truth
This time I will dethrone you!

Power doesn't come from the barrel of a gun
It comes from TRUTH, and we will seek out JUSTICE
Your death will not be vain!
Track Name: You Will Be Replaced
It seems the walls are closing in. The clock defeats another day. With each step we’re pushing forth. This is the only way. Your taunts have only increased our pace. You sad men, it’s time to be replaced and discarded. Until we collapse or breathe our last. We’re fighting as hard as we can to not be forgotten. We’re running as fast as we can. To the front lines we live on forever. We’ve been dismissed and disgraced. Our hands are fit to be tied. Mark my words: I’ve faced my fears, and now these fists are free to fight. I know the way to freedom, my faults will not defeat me. We know the path to justice, and these walls cannot contain us or persuade us. Until I collapse or breathe my last. We’re fighting as hard as we can to not be forgotten. We’re running as fast as we can. To the front lines we live on forever. You will be replaced. We’re fighting as hard as we can to not be forgotten. We’re running as fast as we can. To the front lines we live on forever. We will never be forgotten. Forever. We will never be forgotten.
Track Name: We The Machines
Building the god of technology
Our evolution grants us passage to a higher plain
A war is waging against humanity
Can we fight them off or will we forever be...

Changed, by our own invention
Have we gone too far
Is this our best intention
Have we forgotten what we... WHO WE ARE?!

What makes us human if not the soul?

You set these gears in motion with no hesitation
and this time they won't grind to a halt
This machine that you've created will be the one that slays you
We will forever be...

Our frail bodies were programmed to die
We were destined to decay
So let my body rot away
Lest my soul never takes flight
Track Name: Bohemian
You stood before me with empty promises
Offering what I don't need
There is no beating heart
Just breaking inhibitions
She'll chew you up and spit you out

You say you wear your heart on your sleeve
But you mean only to deceive
You have become my disease

I want back my innocence
But here's reality...

All the things you've said, the words that plague my mind
All the skin you bare, burns my eyes
I know all about you, I can see right through you
I've been here before, it will never be over

All you ever brought was pain
Now I'm ashamed to know your name
But never again
Her eyes were locked on mine
And I hate every memory of crossing that line
So now I'll live with this regret hanging over my head
But never again

Never again.
I regret every memory of ever crossing that line...Never again!
Track Name: Peace of Mind
Trust me on this one I would not steer you wrong
Even if I do not heed my own suggestion
Before you take flight and soar through the skies
Be sure you've learned how to land

Who is pleading for our peace of mind
Why do we complicate instead of simplify
So loosen the noose around your neck

We held you so high, but we were crushed beneath the weight of expectations
It's the human condition to always lust for more
Searching in the dark, it's time to tame your wandering heart

If you're struggling with breathing
Can't find your way back home
If you find your passions fleeting
Look to the truths you hold
Track Name: Class Dismissed
Broke and burdened by the debt you persuaded us to bear
Hard and calloused, there's nothing left but animosity
We're slipping through the cracks
Our time has passed us
And we will be forgotten if we give up hope
I'm finished being your puppet
I will not take your orders anymore

You'll never know what it's like
To labor as we have
It's only a matter of time
Before we toss you off our backs

I've earned the right to speak and say what I mean
We pave your roads
We haul your trash
We fight your wars
Show some respect.
You are nothing without me.

You need to know what it's like
To labor as we have
It's only a matter of time
It's time to knock you on your ass!

When the weight of the world is on your back
Feels like your spine could snap
When you fight so hard to stay afloat
Just stay afloat
Don't give up hope!
Track Name: Jericho
Watch the infection spread
What will cease the senseless end
To thought provoking reason
They stood in line for you
Now they're breaking down your door
This is the cost of treason

We are the smoking gun
Speak now or forever hold your peace
We know who you really are
We've come to collect what's rightfully ours

The judge's hammer falls heavy on those who blaspheme his seat
You are one of those
Your heavy head cannot save your ever so shallow heart

We know who you really are.
Track Name: The Cynic
You defend yourself but you refuse to listen
You wont be spared the conflict and you can't run forever
I won't allow your apathy to cradle you securely
Are you weathered enough to survive the trials of life?

Your lips are sealed
Your eyes are blind
It's clear you've made up your mind
Like pearls to swine, you are a waste of my time

You can't hide forever
What made you so afraid to seek the truth?
Living in denial with your head in the ground

You can't challenge others before you challenge yourself
Open your heart and tear down the self made walls you've trapped yourself inside
Track Name: The Campaign
Welcome, how nice of you to finally join us
Once more you've proven my point ever so clearly
It's time to think and get this straight
To plan your move strategically

We are more than pawns
We are the rooks and queens
A new kind of royalty

We are more than light passing through the void of our mind
For it's worth the fight to save the soul of man before it dies

Doubts hang over your head feeding the madness
But who will stand with me...
If you're too scared to stand at all?!

Just know that we will never stop
Until every man is rebuilt
Erase the stories we were told

Just know that we will never stop
Until our warriors are avenged
Erase the stories we were told
It's time we write them ourselves!
Track Name: Righteous Kill
My righteous anger will set us free
I was taught to love but vengeance has found me
I gave you the power you have
And now I take it away

Fists clenched and voices raised
We'll bring an end to your reign

If you want it, you can have it
A war is about to begin
If you strike me, I will strike back
And this time I will win
So now your days are numbered
And this has come to pass
This can't be real
This time it's real

Face in the dirt with your hands bound behind you
What a fitting end for a coward

If I can't rewrite the past then I will erase your future!

Fists clenched and voices raised
We are the end of your reign

You only have what power you were given
So now I take it away

I can't let you lie
Now I watch you die!
Track Name: Threshold
The time is here that we all knew and feared
Are we strong enough to endure this stand?
For the time has come to choose your stance
Will I become another suppressor of man?
Am I the same as them?
Is it just human instinct to survive and protect what's ours?
Is this a vicious cycle, will I become another suppressor some day!?

Manipulate the people
History is only written by those who win the war

I need to know that if I die right here it will not be in vain
Chin up with my heart crying out to the crowd, I fear failure
Gear up for the battle the time is now, I fear failure

Ignorance is bliss
But now I'm more than conscious of the truth at hand
We are no longer prisoners to regret
We have towed this burden far
And the absolute has set us free
There is no turning back
And now we get up off the ground
Stand tall with resolve
We have marched to the beat of a new drum
I now choose to fulfill my destiny
Go and call upon warriors
Do not let this movement die
My final request is to remember that I tried
God forgive me. Don't let me die in VAIN!

(The call to the warriors)