Affiance: No Secret Revealed

by Affiance



released November 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Bullet Tooth New Jersey

Label home of Affiance, Death Ray Vision, Earth Crisis, Knockout Kid, Overcast, Ritual, Save The Clock Tower, Throw The Fight & more.

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Track Name: Call To The Warrior

Get up off the ground and save yourself. We are prisoners to regret when we replay mistakes over and over again. We are so tied to the absolute, but what does it mean? How far can we tow this burden? It’s the call to the warrior as we dissolve into resolve. In the sand the line’s been drawn, but we keep marching on. Through the darkness we will fight until we find a way. For they cannot preach both free will and fate
My lungs have set fires and fickle men will not decide my destiny. Here I stand, I will hold my ground. Its on this road we have learned the face and shape of betrayal and all of its names. Oh how the deaf are blessed. My lungs have set fires. It’s the call to the warrior. Here I stand, I will hold my ground. So get up off the ground!
Track Name: Nostra Culpa

In the age of reason equations will be used to conclude that we don’t need our souls anymore. We mourn humanity in the name of progression. We cling to answers and abandon the questions. We stand tall with our heals to the neck of creation. A conquest to conquer as we destroy ourselves. If we believe the sun is our design. If we believe we put the clouds up in the sky. If we believe that God’s eyes are blind. If we believe, then this is deicide. We are cold steel machinery. We’ve sacrificed purity to create a machine that breathes.
Track Name: For Power

What shield guards the heart that’s not estranged to hate. What armor shields the arms that aren’t ashamed to take. Once you let greed inside you have pushed virtue aside. Everything has a price and there is nothing they can’t buy. Still you raise your cup and drink to the blood on the market. And if a beast shows his teeth he will feast on the weak. Clever men hack at the trunk with bribes and ploys. To sever men at the stem, to destroy them. Your charades are a patriot’s campaign. You distract men with crusades. You persuade us with parades, but only war is your gain. You were supposed to lead us. Why did you lead us astray? Was this in your design to lead us to this mass grave?
Track Name: A Monster Fed

Hunger unsatisfied. Thirst Unquenchable. I pour like an empty glass as you over power me. It says its hungry and a monster fed is a monster happy. How could I have known I would reach the bottom. A fall that I would fall for years. How could I have known it would leave me stranded, abandon me. We will feed until we are full and overflowing.
Track Name: The Hive

We are the blow that buckles your knees. Your eyes aren’t open, you will never be set free. Every line we fear to cross will begin to blur. And if you live by the pen you will die by the sword. Your voice is unwelcome here, you will be silenced by the horde. Ties that bind us, keeping us secure. Lies to hide us, deep inside your haven, your hive. We are the words that are lodged in the back of your throat. Waiting to break through your teeth. Stand convinced with no conviction that we are cursed beyond a cure. So drink deep and die in the hive. It’s so hard to find the truth in silence. Untie your tongue and clear the air that pollutes your ears. This place you have chosen to hide. Your haven, your hive. This place we have come to destroy! The haven, the hive!
Track Name: A Reading From The Book Of

This masquerade is a massacre. Another stained glass serenade. These halos hang over our heads. Like vultures circle their prey. Your hands are washed white, but your eyes are the darkest I’ve seen. Foul deeds will rise like ghosts of gods through the steeple. Foul deeds will rise like smoke a soot from the stacks. Foul deeds will rise, heresy fills our lungs as we breathe in. Foul deeds will rise like the incense that burns. Your running this race, but you have been running the wrong way. Dark shepherds will lead their sheep astray. They demonize and rationalize for what? For who? Call the choir to light the pyres. Call the choir to light the fires. Your hands are washed white, but this place smells of deceit. But this burning fire will never be enough to quench your bloodlust.
Track Name: Der Fuhrer

In a time of crisis we have clung to any hope. We rally against another to have a common foe. It’s not the truth that matters, only victory. Their agenda to destroy our humanity. They say he’s sent from heaven, I say he’s strait from hell! A monument of the cursed cruelty of man stands among us. Our days of happiness are few before they give way to a holocaust. Hear my cry before there is genocide. This is a holocaust! Was it envy that powered the trains or was in power that trained us to envy. How could so much hate be bred among us? We must never let this happen again. Now we live in infamy for feeding the monster
Track Name: Dissent!

The earth won’t rest beneath your thumb, NO! The ends don’t justify the means. We caught you sowing seeds of destruction, nursing your dream. Silence is not salvation and we won’t stand idly by. Its time we stand to fight. By the passion of our hearts our fists will be raised. Stare into the eyes of the giant. Arrogance has no memory. And you will hang your head in defeat as you hang from above the streets. By the passion of our hearts our fists will be raised. And their kingdom of cards will fall. Like hell tyranny isn’t easily conquered.
Track Name: Calculate And Control

Headlines light like flares and they fly like moths to the flame. A generation’s will traded in for chains. Terror is a messenger, a catalyst for change. Terror is a messenger and they will take the bait. It’s the formula for utopia, to calculate and control. The sirens will sing in time with the mortars. And we will usher in the new world order. The pages of these books will burn and these hands will wash each other. We chose the truth that will make our history. When men speak in slogans we will speak in bullets. Truth is treason in an empire of lies. They will bow at our feet and we will become their gods. Must we constantly forget our history repeats itself. Open up your eyes and see. By the stroke of a pen our world will end.